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ISH:s vitbok om smärtbehandling med hypnos


Brev från Bernard Trenkle, ISH 2021-10-05



Dear International Colleagues:

One of the core projects of ISH the last 10 years is our work to have the World Health Organization (WHO) recognize hyponsis as a viable and effective treatment.

Our BOD member Giuseppe de Benedittis, MD, PhD, has used his excellent contacts at WHO to make significant progress towards this goal.

You now can find the White paper about the use of hypnosis for pain relief that Dr. De Benedittis and colleauges prepared for the WHO and which was well received. https://www.ishhypnosis.org/blog/.


Now you can help us to reach achieve this goal.
Specifically, I am asking to take the time to renew your ISH membership, or join ISH as a member for the first time if you have never been a member.

The famous saying of John F. Kennedy is comes to my mind as I write this letter: "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

Of course, it is not only what you can give to the hypnosis commiunity, because as an ISH member, you do have a number of benefits:

• Reduced fees for all ISH International Congresses and other scientific events sponsored by ISH

But by remembering Kennedy, you can also do now something important.

The more members we have in ISH and in the Constituent Societies, the more we can show in an easy way (like via www.whoISHwho.com) how many serious and great colleagues are using and researching hypnosis, the more we can emphasize and build on the success of Giuseppe de Benedittis’s project.

The ISH BOD, along with President Mark Jensen, would be happy if you can decide to support our work via individual membership.

We also strongly encourage you to send your CV, a photo, and the citaitons of any publications to www.whoISHwho.com. You also can send this informaiton by email to contact@whoishwho.com. If you have this information only in your native language, you can still send it to us. We have team of enthusiastic multilingual students who can help to translate and upload everything. They will also check any translations with you before uploading.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Krakow next year. With the high percentage of vaccinated people in EU, it is now looking like a live event will be safe for all. Krakow is one of the most beautiful old cities in Europe, and the congress center is in middle of historic old town. www.hypnosis2022.com

With best regards from Rottweil, Black Forest, Germany

Bernhard Trenkle

Immediate Past President and Chair of the Membership Committee




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