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Kathy Steele











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Workshop med Kathy Steele

30 november 19:00–21:00 via Zoom

Advanced Stabilization Skills for Complex Dissociation Disorder: Selected Issues

Based on the skills training book, Coping with Trauma-related Dissociation, we will explore several advanced topics for helping clients with complex dissociative disorders learn to stabilize.

The focus of the workshop is on skills to empower clients to act on their own behalf more than on the specific interventions by the therapist. Topics include helping clients learn to challenge their belief systems and shift to more adaptive ones; to approach emotions that are highly avoided, including anger, fear, shame and guilt; to compassionately decrease self-harm and suicidality; and to learn more adaptive decision-making strategies based on listening to and balancing the needs and wishes of the whole person. Rigid core beliefs that are not amenable to quick or easy change will be addressed with step wise approaches to help clients consider change. Clients are often highly phobic of at least some emotions, which are often made worse by maladaptive beliefs, and they use dissociation to cope with dysregulation. This central issue will be addressed through examining more adaptive ways to handle intense and highly conflicted emotions.

Participants will be able to:

Employ at least five approaches to help dissociative clients decrease conflict among dissociative parts as a means of stabilization. Discuss ways to help clients understand how they make big and small decisions, and how they can include all dissociative parts in the process. Utilize step wise approaches to the most intense emotions in dissociative clients. Discuss the appropriate use of a skills manual for dissociative clients; under what conditions it may be helpful and when it may be destabilizing.


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